What is your turn around time?

We ship shirts within 10 business days of receiving both payment or artwork approval, whichever is the last to be received.

I need t-shirts fast! Can you rush an order for us?

Yes, we charge 15% extra for rush orders as long as they fit into our schedule. It’s best to ask, if we can’t pull it off we’ll let you know.

Do you charge set up/artwork fees?

We like to keep it simple so we build set up fees and basic artwork fees into our pricing structure. We really want our customers knowing what they’re paying per garment. Tacking on artwork and set up fees can take a $4 shirt to a $9 shirt real fast, so please try to make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at our prices.

Can you design our tshirt?

Yes… well sort of, we have  couple different designers that we work with. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll take it from there.

Can I have free artwork?

No, we pay for our artwork to be done because we really want to put out a quality product. We really appreciate your business, but graphic design is a skill that we have to charge for.

Can I supply the artwork?

YES! Absolutely, We love to print our customers logos and artwork as long as it is print ready.

What is print ready artwork?

Print ready artwork is a pdf, psd, or ai file that is at least 300 dpi at the size you wanted it printed on a t-shirt. (Most designs are 10-12 inches across at most)

Do you offer 30 Day terms?

Nope, we are a small printing company and in order to stay competitively priced we have to get paid for the work we produce.

What is discharge printing?

Long story short, discharge printing discharges the dye from a dyed t-shirt and re-dyes the shirt. It produces the softest feeling print possible. It is only available to do on 100% cotton garments. Wanna know more? Let’s talk about it: nick@542prints.com